Concepts vs. Elaborate Details

An illustration based on testimony is tricky and can often be scrutinized. A simple solution is a simple illustration that conveys the idea without going into elaborate detail.

The task was:
  • Take the details from an event and create an illustration.

  • Create the illustration in frames to relate action.

  • Keep the illustration simple.

Unique solution:

The devil is in the details and it is often within those details that graphics and illustrations can become inadmissible.

An illustration over a photograph of the scene that relates the event is a very simple and elegant solution. This simplicity can accomplish the same end result in relating the necessary information and it takes less time and lowers cost.

Skills used

Photoshop Illustration
Litigation Graphic

Users testimonials

  • “Working with Narrative Graphics has brought my courtroom presentations up to the next level of quality and effectiveness.”

    Steve Brady, Esq.
    Owner of the Brady Law Group
  • “Narrative Graphics has not only been able to turn my visions into reality, his skills as an animator, graphics artist, and master in Power Point have allowed me and my firm to continue to take our messaging, be it in court, in legal education, or in print media, to a whole new and customized level. If you can imagine it, and articulate it, they can produce it.”

    Chris Dolan, Esq.
    Owner, Dolan Law Firm
  • “Matthew is a talented artist with keen understanding of concepts behind messaging in today’s media marketplace. His attention to detail, comprehensive approach, and forward thinking have rewarded his clients and employers with large gains in market share and brand relevance. Having worked with Matthew on 7-figure media projects since 2014, and dissecting the subsequent lead data, I can unreservedly recommend Matthew for any media related venture.”

    Chris Marsh
    Senior Sales Rep, Northern California Yellow Pages
  • “I have worked with Narrative Graphics many times, and I highly recommend them for all graphics and presentation projects. They understand litigation, are very creative, and brimming with ideas. If you have a story to tell in trial, they have the tools and the know-how to help you help the jury to understand.”

    Quinton Cutlip, Esq.
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