Narrative Graphics is a full service marketing, graphic design and trial graphics firm serving the legal community. We have over 10 years creating litigation graphics and marketing. Collectively we have over 40 years experience within the fields of branding, animation, illustration and graphic design.

Telling Your Firm’s Story Out Of The Courtroom

Our suite of marketing services aims to make your firm stand out in order to attract the best referrals and potential clients. Our marketing packages include:

Telling Your Client’s Story In The Courtroom

Narrative Graphics also specializes in producing and designing persuasive courtroom presentations for trial and mediation utilizing the latest technology in Presentation Design, 3D Modeling & Animation and Illustration including anatomical illustration & event reconstruction.


  • “Narrative Graphics graphics skill-set,  attention to detail and presentation, and complete understanding of the process that is a jury trial make them a total rock star. In this age when most, if not all, jurors have been watching CSI on tv for a decade and expect a flashy “beyond a reasonable doubt” presentation to be laid out for them by counsel, Narrative Graphics abilities to assist in telling a story visually, captivating jurors and holding their attention, are beyond reproach. They have never let me down.”

    Matt Gramly, Esq.
  • “I have worked with Narrative Graphics many times, and I highly recommend them for all graphics and presentation projects. They understand litigation, are very creative, and brimming with ideas. If you have a story to tell in trial, they have the tools and the know-how to help you help the jury to understand.”

    Quinton Cutlip, Esq.
  • “Matthew is a talented artist with keen understanding of concepts behind messaging in today’s media marketplace. His attention to detail, comprehensive approach, and forward thinking have rewarded his clients and employers with large gains in market share and brand relevance. Having worked with Matthew on 7-figure media projects since 2014, and dissecting the subsequent lead data, I can unreservedly recommend Matthew for any media related venture.”

    Chris Marsh
    Senior Sales Rep, Northern California Yellow Pages
  • “Narrative Graphics has not only been able to turn my visions into reality, his skills as an animator, graphics artist, and master in Power Point have allowed me and my firm to continue to take our messaging, be it in court, in legal education, or in print media, to a whole new and customized level. If you can imagine it, and articulate it, they can produce it.”

    Chris Dolan, Esq.
    Owner, Dolan Law Firm
Mary Alexander & Associates
Brady Law Group
Dolan Law Firm
Rouda Feder Tietjen McGuinn


Matthew Kimmins

Matthew Kimmins

Founder, Creative Director

Ruby Rieke

Creative Director